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Influenced by Beethoven, Prince, Kylie Minogue and Celine Dion Dalal’s music has pushed her to the forefront of up and coming Pop artists. Her Debut Single “Taste the Night” reached #5 on the Billboard Breakout Charts, #7 on the UK Club Charts and #8 on the UK Pop Commercial Charts.
Apart from her Pop career, Dalal is an equally talented classical composer

Born on Walpurgis Night (April 30th), the Night that celebrates the coming of Spring, Dalal's passion for acting, singing and modeling began in Austria, following a long a line of Artists, Composers and Musicians. Dalal is a direct descendant of Franz Seraph von Bruchmann, lyricist for world-renowned composer Franz Schubert, and her mother, Maria Harmony Gratia, an Award winning painter, actress at the Shakespeare Theatre in Austria and medical scientist.  A certified musical and artistic prodigy, she was adamant to learn to play both the violin and piano by age four and started composing her own scores at age five.

Before long, Dalal’s penchant for the stage came to rival her musical ability. After winning the Austrian Actor's Award as a child, for her performance in a stage production of “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”, Dalal was accepted into the Broadway Connection Performing Arts Academy in Vienna and the KMC Vienna. She held lead roles in performances of “Cats”, “Starlight Express” and “Elisabeth”, which were performed in Vienna, Munich and Berlin.
Dalal graduated at the Gymnasium (Grammar School) Hartberg (Styria) and went on to study Musical Theatre, English Literature and Art History in Vienna, where she also joined the Vienna University Orchestra as a violinist and began her work with the “European Voices” as a singer, with whom she performed at the United Nations and throughout Europe.  In addition, Dalal was a special guest soloist for the Vienna International Gospel Choir, and recorded a Christmas CD with the Vienna University Orchestra.

Dalal moved from New York City, where she began her musical career in the United States, writing and recording her Debut Single “Taste the Night”, to Los Angeles, where she is currently finishing up the her POP Debut Album while also writing contemporary songs and orchestral scores for motion pictures and releasing stand alone Singles. In the meantime she also finished up her BA Honors degree at London Middlesex University.

Dalal’s second Single “Suddenly” received radio play in the US, Australia, the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Christmas 2014 she released a German- English Version of "Once Upon A December", for which she received great reviews.

After her move to Los Angeles Dalal teamed up with Producer Nate "Impact" Jolley and they formed DALAL AND THE IMPACT BAND.
Shows at the HOUSE OF BLUES (LA), the WHISKY A GO GO (LA), Red Bull/Servus TV (Austria) as well as the BMI Acoustic sessions and various Radio Shows followed.

2014 she was brought on board to score the documentary “HAIR” which went on to win BEST DOCUMENTARY at the IFS Film Festival. Out of this documentary the credit Song “Superman” received great recognition with its own nominations for BEST SONG FOR A DOCUMENTARY and was subsequently released as a stand alone Single and was picked up by Radio Stations in Ireland, England and Scotland.

Dalal performed together with Nate "Impact" Jolley, concert pianist Elaine Kwon and cellist Gjilberta Lucaj at the Barbados Music Festival Classical/Pops.

On October 13th, 2017 Dalal's contemporary classics EP "The Quiet Heart" will celebrate its worldwide release with The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music.

She is also the Solo Piano Artist for 6 Singles that were released starting June 2018 and October 2018 by renowned composer LUDOVICO EINAUDI for Warner Classics. An Album holding 50 signature pieces was released October 19th, 2018 with Warner Classics (Warner Music Group) and X5 Music Group.

January 2019 Dalal’s Piano Single “Clockworks” was released with Mellotron Records (Ameritz Music Group).

On February 22nd, 2019 THE EINAUDI SOUND a 2 CD SPECIAL EDITION was released.

2019 will also see the release of a much anticipated Pop Album titled "THE EXCHANGE"

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